I'm currently available for remote/in-house opportunities.

Still love doing what I do...

First and foremost I'm a husband and dad...but after that I'm also an experienced designer. Over 16 years, in fact. Notice I didn't say "programmer". I decided to go the "designer" route when I realized that's what made me smile. The entire design process - personas, journeys, discovery, layout, interfaces, a/b and user testing, all of it - KEEPS me smiling. As of late, I'm enjoying web app software UX design, but love working on websites, as well.

Wireframing/Prototyping: When pulling ideas and output from a brainstorming session, I tend to doodle. Always helps with starting the process of a wireframe. From there, it might grow into a simple sketch mockup or - depending on the product owner or client needs - a bit prettier Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch one. Other times, jumping straight into "design by code" might be the best route, producing a fully-functional hi-fidelity prototype within HTML, CSS/SASS, jQuery, that can be passed on to the developers.

Coding: Hand-coding HTML, CSS, jQuery
Frameworks: Semantic, Bootstrap, and Foundation
CMS: At times Drupal and Modx. Primarily WordPress, though
Graphics: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch

Updated Resume: http://bit.ly/resume_bryan_chalker

Currently open for mid-senior level remote (preferable), contract, or full-time gigs.


Sometimes graphics. Sometimes code. Always UX.

Wireframe + Prototype

I'm extremely comfortable working within Illustrator and Photoshop, creating and tweaking graphics for use on a site or even marketing materials. They're also invaluable when putting together mock-ups or wireframes for a prospective client or project. Often I create a layout or design that is passed off to a coder or developer.


Other times I code out my own designs or those provided for me. I'm equally comfortable working in the beautiful structure of CSS and SaSS and HTML. I find jQuery to be an invaluable asset for proper prototyping and coding, but I would not call myself a "deep programmer". Just being honest. However, this is the skill set I always strive to sharpen. Regardless of the tool or role I might take on for a project, I always...

User Experience/UI

...wear the hat of a UX guy. This might entail compiling user stories, doing a bit of market or Google Analytics research.  A user's experience is what bring's them back or keeps them away from a site. Good UX is what keeps an app from being deleted or sitting, unused, on a phone or tablet. Whether a site or an app; making them feel at home is what I strive for.


Semantic UI


Full Layouts
Website Design/Coding
User Interface/Navigation
User Stories


Visual Studio

A Few Testimonials...

Having worked with Bryan a number of times on several projects, I would recommend him for any web project. His design skills are great, he is a very personable demeanor, works well with clients, is always responsive and on time, and overall provides great value.

Jason Long Managing Partner at CodeWright Developers on Demand

Bryan was contracted to build and maintain a microsite for a Simulcast Event that I was coordinating in 2012 and again in 2013. I had a great experience working with him - he met all deadlines in a timely manner and provided great creative feedback in designing the site. If needed, I would definitely work with Bryan again!

Katie Winters Senior Manager, Sample Management - HBC Digital Saks Off 5th

Bryan is easily one of the best contractors that I have ever worked with. I have done sprint projects with Bryan, and his performance makes the projects timely and successful, even when dealing with obstacles. He is incredibly easy to work with, always helpful in solving problems, and his work is always done on time and done well. We have used him as the lead designer and as a coder, sometimes even in the same project, and he shifts between roles seamlessly. He is a pleasure to collaborate with and I have asked him to work directly with clients multiple times with great results. In our company, he has fit in seamlessly and is one of the valued members of our team even though he is a contractor. I can't recommend him more highly.

Spence Downs Solution Advisor MemberClicks

Bryan is a pleasure to work with. He meets agreed upon deadlines and delivers an excellent final product.

Dana Strange Director, Online Services and eBusiness

Bryan knows what it takes to design a website. He's quick and he's talented. He follows instructions and takes initiative - including pertinent messaging and thoughtful copy in his designs.

Matt Donovan User Experience Designer Zaarly, Inc

I have worked with Bryan for the last 3 years and have loved every minute of it. He is a passionate guy with the ability to accomplish what his passion calls him to do. He was always eager to work with me on projects and brought great ideas and suggestions to the table to make the projects better.

Trey Brunson Director of Development Crossings Ministries

Bryan's passion for his craft shines through in every project he undertakes. He is a talented artist and developer who takes great care to create designs that are both beautiful and functional. He sets a high standard for excellence, and is continually striving to grow in his field.

Josh Pappas Communications and Technology Director Superior Fireworks