Are you a Design or Ad Agency?

Being a freelancer provides a nice opportunity for direct client interaction, but I also enjoy working with design and ad agencies local to Jacksonville or otherwise. I especially enjoy working on interesting collaborative projects.

What really interests me, is being brought onto a project from the onset, or as close to it as possible. This is for a few reasons...

  1. Design is not just a pretty layout. It’s a problem-solving approach to page navigation, a gui for settings configuration, site structure and hierarchy of content, as well as the entire overall build or the site or app. If you aren't finding problems, you probably aren't asking  the right questions. These are things that are often borne out of the concept and storyboard phase of a project.
  2. By waiting to bring me in until after a concept has been approved, boundaries and restrictions are instantly put in place on where I can go with a design.
  3. The right tool for the job. Everyone has heard it...but we forget it goes for talents and skill sets, as well. I will not be coding out a new Javascript framework - but that doesn't mean I should be used for javascript work. I am skilled digital artist, so don't just use me in a UX capacity, if you also need some graphic work done. Brining me in early, helps you know where I will fit and where others will fit, better.

If you have a project (or series of them) or need to ret up a retainer for ongoing work, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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