Project Type: Data Visualization Dashboard (Web App)

This was an interesting internal-use project, which tracked and displayed a segment of customers and their transaction and workflow/functions usage through the day. Being an MVP-focused project, the next step was to get buy-in and adoption from outside customers, in order to provide similar functioning dashboard for their internal use.


Supervisors or executives needed to see (real-time), the functions and workflows being used by our customers in a 24 hours period.


RF-SMART employees, supervisors, and executives.

Proposed Solution

The primary device for this dashboard would be a large screen monitor/TV or mobile iPad or tablet. Visualization (per hour – over 24 hour period) of the total transactions, as well as listing out the top customers based on workflows and transactions.

ERPs Tracked: Netsuite, Microsoft AX, Oracle Cloud

In addition to the transactional and workflow/functions tracking, it would move to a Google Map screen pulling in our segmented businesses shown via hotspots.